React Ecosystem Overview

React Ecosystem Overview

The things you need to know to swim smoothly in the React Ocean

I recall the early days of my journey with React. Upon completing a course or a book, I would feel a sense of accomplishment, thinking I had mastered React, only to discover there were still unknown aspects. This cycle repeated itself - learning, happiness, discovery of more unknowns. And then I realized how big the React Community is plus it keeps on evolving even when you are learning or sleeping or doing anything.

So, if one knows the React roadmap specific to their field, it helps in navigating in this React ocean. So, I have covered some topics in this blogs which I think will help you in developing a better understanding of the possibilities of React plus how to be in touch with ongoing and future updates.

The React Ocean

React powers web, mobile apps, windows apps, mac os apps, tv - android, apple tv, AR, VR etc. So, whatever platform you want to build your React apps these are the things that you would need to know:

  1. Platform knowledge:

    1. So, if you are building Android / iOS apps. Knowing about how Android / iOS works, what are the limitations of your underlying platform, what are the powers or uniqueness of that platform.
  2. React Skills

  3. JavaScript Skills ( Refer to this blog )

  4. Software Development Lifecycle

  5. Best Practices

Mind maps of React Ecosystem

  1. React Learning Path

  2. Core Concepts

  3. Styling

  4. Web Development Technologies

  5. Web Development Tools

  6. Mobile Development ( Refer to this blog )

React powers various platforms, and understanding your chosen platform is key. Master React and JavaScript skills, embrace the software development lifecycle, and adopt best practices. To truly learn React, dive in, explore, and let curiosity guide you through this ever-evolving ecosystem.

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