JavaScript Essentials for React Native - SERIES

JavaScript Essentials for React Native - SERIES

JavaScript concepts required for React Native

A lot of beginners struggle with React Native as their JavaScript concepts are weak. This series will cover the most common JavaScript concepts used in React Native aiming to make your React Native App Development journey easier.

Why JavaScript foundations are crucial for React Native Development ?

JavaScript serves as the core programming language for React Native development, and a strong foundation in JS is crucial for many reasons:

  • React Native is Built on JavaScript

  • React Native uses React.js which is a JavaScript library

  • You write your frontend code i.e UI in JavaScript in React Native

  • All your Business logic is also in JavaScript

  • Handling asynchronous tasks such as fetching data from API / handling user interactions etc require understanding of JavaScript's asynchronous features

  • Fetching data, saving data, showing data on UI, reformatting data as per different use cases also requires knowledge of JS data structures - arrays, objects and standard functions like map, filter, reduce

  • Debugging and Testing also uses JavaScript libraries and tools

I am going to write 6 articles in this series to cover different topics.

And as and when those articles are published their links will be added here itself so that you can easily navigate.

Who Should Read This Blog series:

  • People who are lacking foundational knowledge in JavaScript.

  • Individuals without prior JavaScript experience or needing a quick revision.

Who Should Skip This Series:

  • If you are an expert in JavaScript, you can skip this series.


Here's a series outline to help you brush up on key JavaScript concepts:

  1. Introduction to JavaScript

    • Brief overview of JavaScript

    • Weakly Typed Nature

    • Object-Oriented Nature

    • Versatility of JavaScript

  2. Functions and scope

    • Declaring functions, Function expressions vs declarations, arrow functions

    • Scope and closures

    • How functions are crucial in React Native

  3. Arrays and Objects

    • Working with arrays ( methods like, map, filter, reduce )

    • Manipulating objects and arrays in React Native applications

    • Common data structures used in React Native development

  4. ES6 and Beyond: Modern JavaScript for React Native

    • De-structuring assignment, spread/rest operators

    • Template literals and other ES6 features relevant to React Native

  5. Asynchronous JavaScript in React Native

    • Promises and async/await syntax.

    • Common patterns for managing async code in a React Native environment.

  6. Miscellaneous Topics

    • Importing and Exporting

    • package.json, package-lock.json

    • Node.js , npm, yarn

Stay tuned!